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50 Methods the World is Getting Higher

50 Methods the World is Getting Higher


I’m a glass-is-half-full sort of individual and have been getting a number of suggestions from individuals of late that the world is simply getting worse. Right here’s a submit from a number of years in the past that lists the immense progress we’ve seen as a species.


“I’m not an optimist. I’m a really critical possibilist.” – Hans Rosling

You don’t should look too far to seek out negativity as of late.

Simply watch the information, go on social media, and even have conversations with pals, relations, or co-workers.

You’ll possible hear or examine political instability, pure disasters, homicide, illness, or an infinite record of dangerous information yow will discover 24/7 due to the free movement of data. Yearly individuals label the present yr the worst yr ever however these individuals have clearly by no means learn a historical past e-book.

The mix the negativity and availability bias make it straightforward to imagine the world is getting worse each day. It feels as if we’re now taking one step ahead and two steps again.

In actuality, that is the best time in historical past to be alive. The world has seen an unbelievable quantity of progress over nearly any time horizon you have a look at. It’s simply that dangerous information is an occasion or headline whereas excellent news is a course of or statistic. Dangerous information makes for a greater story and tales are what stick to us, not statistics.

I’ve learn 4 books lately that make it clear simply how a lot progress the world has skilled to get thus far (all 4 books have been glorious):

Every of those books methodically goes by means of the information to indicate how human ingenuity and innovation have created large progress across the globe. There may be nonetheless a number of work to be achieved and the world is actually removed from good.

However generally it’s good to have a reminder that progress is there even when it doesn’t really feel prefer it. What follows are 50 superb details I discovered in these books that show this out:

1. During the last 20 years, the proportion of individuals residing in excessive poverty has nearly been minimize in half.

2. Simply 200 years in the past, 85% of the world’s inhabitants lived in excessive poverty. 20 years in the past it was 29%. Right this moment solely 9% reside in excessive poverty whereas nearly all of individuals (75%) across the globe reside in middle-income international locations.

3. In 1997, 42% of the inhabitants of each India and China have been residing in excessive poverty. By 2017 that share had dropped to 12% in India and fewer than 1% for China. Meaning nearly three-quarters of a billion fewer individuals are residing in excessive poverty in these two international locations than there have been simply 20 years earlier.

4. In 1800, amongst all infants who have been ever born, roughly half died throughout their childhood. Life expectancy was simply 30 years and no nation had a life expectancy above 40. Life expectancy at start was solely 45 years in 1870. The common life expectancy around the globe right now is 72.

5. The violent crime charge has been on a downward pattern since 1990 within the U.S. Slightly below 14.5 million crimes have been reported in 1990. By 2016 that determine was nicely underneath 9.5 million.

6. The variety of deaths from pure disasters is 25% of what it was 100 years in the past.

7. Flying has gotten 2,100 instances safer over the previous 70 years. 2016 was the second most secure yr in aviation historical past. The percentages of being fatally injured in a airplane crash are simply 0.000025%.

8. The actual worth of airplane journey within the U.S. has fallen by greater than half for the reason that late Seventies.

9. Between the late Center Ages and the twentieth century, European international locations noticed a 10-fold-to-50-fold decline of their charges of murder.

10. The share of properties that had electrical energy in 1870 was precisely zero. Right this moment the proportion of individuals with electrical energy is 85%.

11. In 1905, a Vermont physician and his chauffeur have been the primary to efficiently drive a automotive throughout nation from San Francisco to New York. It took them 63 days. Right this moment you’ll be able to fly cross nation in a matter of hours whereas utilizing wi-fi Web.

12. There was no leisure accessible to the typical household in 1870, apart from a number of touring musicians or circus performers or in-home board or card video games. Right this moment our leisure choices are nearly limitless.

13. Shut to twenty% of males born within the U.S. died earlier than their first birthday within the yr 1900. Right this moment the mortality charge doesn’t attain that prime till you get to age 62.

14. Greater than 37% of deaths in 1900 have been brought on by infectious illnesses. That quantity dropped to lower than 5% by 1955 and simply 2% by 2009.

15. Retirement remains to be is a comparatively new idea. Up to now most individuals merely labored till they died. Within the yr 1870, for many who lived previous age 65, the labor power participation ratio for males was near 90%. Right this moment it’s lower than 20%.

16. The common American now retires at age 62. 100 years in the past, the typical American died at age 51.

17. The proportion of the inhabitants residing previous their sixty fifth birthday was solely 34% in 1870 however jumped to 56% by 1940 and 77% by 2000.

18. Up till the 1870s, individuals sometimes labored 11-12 hour days. By 1900, the standard employee put in 10 hours a day, 6 days per week. It wasn’t till 1940 that it got here all the way down to the usual 40-hour, 5-day workweek. And these weren’t workplace jobs sitting behind a desk. The circumstances for many employees have been horrible and dangerous to their well being.

19. Time spent on laundry fell from 11.5 hours per week in 1920 to 1.5 hours in 2014 (though I’ve twins so my household brings up the typical on this one).

20. By the late-1600s, one-third of the youngsters born within the richest components of the world died earlier than their fifth birthday. Right this moment, this unhappy destiny befalls simply 6% of the youngsters within the poorest components of the world.

21. The proportion of individuals killed yearly in wars is lower than 1 / 4 of what it was within the Eighties, one-seventh of what it was within the early Seventies, one-eighteenth of what it was within the early Fifties, and a 0.5% of what it was throughout World Struggle II.

22. Early within the nineteenth century, 12% of the world may learn and write. Right this moment it’s 83%.

23. Individuals are half as prone to be murdered as they have been two dozen years in the past.

24. The world’s nuclear stockpiles have been lowered by 85% for the reason that Chilly Struggle.

25. Over the course of the twentieth century, Individuals turned 96% much less prone to be killed in a automotive accident and 95% much less prone to be killed on the job.

26. The world has gotten richer (as measured by Gross World Product) in 51 of the final 55 years.

27. In 1929 Individuals spent greater than 60% of their disposable revenue on requirements; by 2016 that had fallen to a 3rd.

28. Since 1960, the fraction of an individual’s life taken up by work has fallen by 25% by means of a mix of shorter workweeks, extra paid day without work, and longer retirements.

29. The highschool commencement charge was simply 9% in 1910. It jumped to 52% by 1940 and 83% right now.

30. Each single nation on this planet right now has a decrease toddler or baby mortality charge than it had in 1950.

31. A British child who had survived their first yr of life would have lived to 47 in 1845, 57 in 1905, 72 in 1955, and 81 in 2011. A 30-year-old may sit up for one other 33 years of life in 1845, one other 36 in 1905, one other 43 in 1955, and one other 52 in 2011.

32. Between 2000 and 2015, the variety of deaths from malaria (which up to now killed half the individuals who had ever lived) fell by 60%.

33. The management of infectious illness since 1990 has saved the lives of greater than a 100 million kids.

34. Between 1961 and 2009 the quantity of land used to develop meals elevated by 12%, however the quantity of meals that was grown elevated by 300%.

35. 1,000 years after Jesus walked the earth the world was barely any richer. It took 500 years for revenue to double from there. Then between 1820 and 1900, the world’s revenue tripled. It tripled once more in just a little greater than 50 years. It took solely 25 years for it to triple once more, and one other 33 years to triple but once more.

36. Since 1995, 30 of the world’s 109 growing international locations have seen financial development charges that quantity to a doubling of revenue each 18 years. One other 40 international locations have had charges that will double revenue each 35 years, which is similar to the historic development charge of the U.S.

37. The variety of individuals in excessive poverty has fallen by a median of 137k individuals day by day for the previous 25 years.

38. Two centuries in the past the life expectancy in The Netherlands, the richest nation on this planet on the time, was simply 40, and in no nation was it above 45. Right this moment, life expectancy within the poorest nation on this planet is 54. There aren’t any international locations the place life expectancy is under 45.

39. When poverty is outlined when it comes to what individuals devour fairly than what they earn, the American poverty charge has declined by 90% since 1960, from 30% of the inhabitants to only 3%.

40. There are 180,000 individuals strolling round right now who would have been murdered simply within the final yr if the worldwide murder charge had remained on the identical degree from a dozen years in the past.

41. Between 1950 and 2009, the speed of loss of life in visitors accidents fell six-fold.

42. In 1970 the possibility that an airline passenger would die in a airplane crash was lower than 5 in one million; by 2015 that small threat had fallen a hundredfold.

43. Within the Nineties, the U.S. noticed its murder charge plunge by half in simply 9 years. In New York Metropolis, it dropped 75% in the identical time.

44. There was a 37-fold decline for the reason that flip of the twentieth century within the probability that an American will probably be killed by a bolt of lightning.

45. Roughly half of the adults on this planet personal a smartphone.

46. Simply 7% of the world’s inhabitants lived in a free or comparatively free society in 1850. Right this moment that quantity is nearer to two-thirds.

47. The literacy charge from the seventeenth to nineteenth century was simply one-eighth of the worldwide inhabitants. From that time on the world’s literacy charge doubled within the subsequent century and quadrupled within the century after that, so now 83% of the world is literate.

48. In 1820, greater than 80% of the world was unschooled. It’s estimated that by the tip of the century this quantity will probably be near zero.

49. In 1920, simply 28% of American youngsters ages 14-17 have been in highschool. The most recent stats present over 80% graduated highschool, of whom 70% went on to varsity.

50. In 1940, lower than 5% of Individuals held a bachelor’s diploma. By 2015, it was as much as one-third.





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